Ink watercolour pens, abstract pages out of a concertina sketch book. Colours of Portugal.

I create artworks that bring beauty into your home or work space through energetic, colourful paintings that uplift and inspire.

If you are interested in purchasing or commissioning a piece please get in touch.

The inspiration for my paintings is eclectic,  a mix of memory and recorded stimulus from my everyday life, using sketch book, notes and photographs.  I take these back to my studio as source material to use as starting points to expand on the canvas.

I improvise and experiment, alternating between thick layers of paint that obscure or obliterate parts, and reductive techniques of sanding back or wiping away. I usually work across different canvases in a series and allow the works to ‘talk’ to each other, what I discover in one will inform my next move in another.  I welcome ‘happy accidents’ and balance this intuitive way of working with reflection and pause for assessment.

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