Creative Journaling Workshops

• Do you ever wish you had time to be more creative or playful? • Do you love doodling or writing snippets of poems and ideas? • Did you used to love writing or making art at school but then gave up?  it’s never too late to create and play! And you don’t have to be an...

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Creativity Breeds Creativity

  In preparation for the CreativeJournaling Workshops I am running, part text, part visuals, I set myself the word ‘blue’ as the starting point to do some flash (5 minutes) writing. I wrote about a turquoise dress my grandmother had sent to me, from Oulton Broad...

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Forest Bathing

I love trees, I like walking in woods and forests.  I photograph them, I draw them,  I just wander wondering.  Yes I like to forest bath, or as the Japanese say Shinrin Yoku, yes its healing, yes it's beneficial to body and soul.  It's inspiring and I paint to capture...

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